Basic Obedience Commands

Cardinal Rule
# 1 - Never give a command you cannot enforce.
# 2 - Never leave a dog on a command indefinitely, i.e. say sit then go to the store.
# 3 - Say the command once, then make it happen

DOG’S NAME: Use this to get your dog’s attention; this will usually bring the dog towards you

COME: Bring the dog directly to you and sit in front of you.

COME AROUND: Draws the dog back to your general direction.

HERE: This brings your dog to wherever you specifically indicate.

HEEL: To walk exactly at your left side or to be at your left side.

LET’S GO: This means for your dog to walk with you in general. Not specifically at your side, but on your left and not pulling on the leash..

SIT: To be in the sit position until you release him or give him another comment.

DOWN: To be in a down position until you release him or give him another command

GO TO BED: You may pick something that suits you that means to pick your place bu do not bother me.

OUT: To get away from you

OFF: Get off or get down

LEAVE IT: To stop or drop whatever the dog has in his mouth

WAIT: To wait until you command your dog to do something else

STAY: To remain in that place and that position until I return to you and release you

O.K.: Always give in an upbeat and happy manner. Your release word.

FETCH: Go get it

GIVE: To release whatever is in the mouth

KENNEL: To get into the kennel, crate, house, car or whatever

GET BUSY: Do your business

Neil and Anne Evans, Duckback Labs